Competition Handicap Index

Updated: August 2018

Maplewood Men’s Club “63 Club”

The Maplewood Men’s Club Handicap and Tournament Committees with the approval of your Board of Directors, implemented a “Competition Handicap Rule” at the start of the 2015 season. This rule has been put in place as a means to help protect the playing field in our events throughout the year when a player shoots an exceptional round that is well below their handicap.

It also follows recommendations from the U.S.G.A. / GHIN organizations. The new rule is in the paragraph below:

Competition Handicap Index: “63 Club”

Any Maplewood Men’s Club member that shoots a Tournament score of NET 63 or better during a Maplewood Men’s club stroke play event will be given an adjusted “COMPETITION” Handicap index and will be welcomed into the “63 Club” for the remainder of the 2017 MWMC tournament season. This “COMPETITION” index will be based solely on their past 20 tournament scores and will only be used for Maplewood Men’s Club Tournaments (excluding weekly competitions) and will be adjusted after every GHIN revision cycle (1st and 15th of the month).

Any member who receives an adjustment can appeal this adjustment, by either sending an email, mailing a letter to the handicap chairman, or attending a Men’s Club meeting. These meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month in the employee’s lunchroom located in the Maplewood driving range building.

Maplewood Men’s Club tournament committee will use the 20 most recent tournament scores and the handicap table located in section 10.2 of the USGA handicap manual to calculate competition handicaps.

Any Men’s Club member that achieves this honor will be recognized on the website and announced at the year-end Awards Banquet.

Current “63 Club” Members

What tournaments count?  Any Maplewood Tournament where you play your own individual ball (stroke play). IE Tombstone, Field Day’s, President Cup, and the Club Championship.